Our team shares about the last few months in Whitley.



Whitley Update

John Madjeski Academy Mentoring and Student Pastoral Care

At the start of the school year we were welcomed back into the 6th form of JMA. This year we are helping to facilitate the mentoring program, where 6th form students mentor younger students. We are training and equipping the 6th form students on a Wednesday morning and helping to oversee the program on a Friday morning. We are also providing pastoral care to some students who are finding life or school difficult. We are meeting one on one in 30min sessions jusr offering a listening ear and some gentle advice.

Benefit Dinner

We celebrated our inaugural benefit dinner on October 9th where we welcomed guests from across the South of the UK! We had a wonderful evening at Tylney Hall where Guy and Indy, 2 of our trustees, led an informative and fun program. People went away knowing mire about what we do, why we do it and what are current and future needs are. The feedback from the evening has been great, and many people have indicated they will invite others to next years event!

Development Plan

At the benefit dinner we launched our 5 year development plan. This included SYC coaching as our first social enterprise, salaried staff rather than volunteers making the work more sustainable long term, making some strategic appointments and finally geographical expansion.  You can find more details in the image below. But will you please join us in prayer as we look to God for all that we need.

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