As we’re drawing close to the end of this very strange and unusual year – Anika updates us on the past month in Whitley. While Jason, from our team in Witham, is reflecting how did 2020 affect him and his team. Enjoy the read!


News from our Whitley Team

Website and New video!

We have been doing a lot of work on the website recently so why not check it out? And while you’re there why not have a look at the new video we released last week which can be found on the homepage? It’s all about imagining what our nation, community and schools could look like, and what we believe God is calling us to do in fulfilling that Kingdom vision.

Catch Up in November

On Saturday 21st of November we had a great catch up with some of our movement members and friends sharing some of the highlights of the year as well as some of the plans coming up. It was nice to catch up and hear highlights of the year from each other also. Even in amongst the darkness of this year God has been at work.

The ROC conversations

The ROC webinar around crime in our community happened on Friday afternoon with a small group of young people joining us online sharing their own experience of crime in the local community.  This on top of doing some workshops in local schools will be used to inform a broader conversation across South Reading/Reading that seeks to address the community’s vulnerability to organised crime. Today (Tuesday) we completed 4 workshops, 1 at JMA where Claire and Sue engaged 20 young people and 3 at the Reading Football clubs community education program ‘Kicks’ where Anika and some of our new friends from Thames Valley Police engaged with 40 students.

News from our Team in Witham: 


Looking back over the past year, I suppose some of the highlights include (in retrospect) normal operations in all of our programming.  The Company & Section Christmas Dinner (now an annual tradition four years in the making) had a record number of people in attendance.  So much good camaraderie and fellowship that night as well as good food!  Little did we know then how much we would appreciate the simple ability to gather in numbers.  While the virus and lockdowns have provided challenges, in these times, people step up!  And that is truly something!  As we limp through the year with modified and virtual programming, we get all the more enjoyment out of the time we get to spend with our young people and volunteer leaders!
Here’s looking forward to a time when we can be carefree and all back together again!

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