The Whitley team have had a lot going on this October from team days to Light Festivals


Local people

We saw members from local churches taking the initiative and making it happen!

On 4th October, we had a Team Day and were joined by Jason who is based in Witham. We spent the first part of our day reflecting on SYC values; the ways in which we have witnessed them being practiced and the areas of improvement. It was encouraging to hear each other’s perspectives and experiences on this subject. Post lunch, we together participated in community prayers and spent rest of the day catching up and enjoying each other’s company over a sumptuous homemade dinner.
Our team had an eventful couple of weeks doing schools work and were nearly exhausted as the half-term holidays approached. Claire represented the UK at Fusion International Forum hosted by the Albanian team in Pogradec from 27th October to 2nd November.
A Light Party was organised on 31st October 2019 where 15-17 volunteers from the local South Reading churches came together to create a safe space for young people and their parents as they went trick or treating. There were two craft stalls, two spaces for games and a food stall with hot dogs and hot chocolate served to everyone who walked in. Children were also given a ‘Bag of Hope’ which consisted of sweets, a booklet and an activity sheet. The party was followed by a prayer walk on Northumberland Avenue.
As most SYC team members were away, there was no representation from our end at the community dinner or the Light Party. So, these events are significant as we saw members from local churches taking the initiative and making it happen!
We’ll be back with more updates next month! Thank you once again for your support and encouragement!

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