My name is Phil, Shift Y+C’s new youth work intern for this academic year. Our work in the secondary school is now in full swing! We are working with pupils with behavioural difficulties who have been excluded from mainstream education. We are leading classes alongside their teaching staff, and are supporting the pupils with one-to-one support in our dedicated room – ‘the Re:Set Hub’ – where pupils have a quiet, disruption-free space to complete work and assignments. They’re led by a wonderful group of teachers, dedicated to seeing the pupils flourish.

The Reset Hub is up and going with a growing team of volunteers from the local Christian community.

Day-to-day, we are leading ‘Re:Set’ classes in which we teach the pupils core skills in key areas: such as emotional literacy, emotive expression, dealing with stress, conflict resolution and teamwork, and we’re also getting stuck in with their sports sessions! Building trust and relationships is taking time, but it is so rewarding. We are putting plans in place to run the ‘Re:Start’ programme again this year, a 16-week accredited vocational programme. This will involve employment skills, and specific practical skill development in horticulture, and potentially other areas such as plumbing, mechanics, and building work.

Vernon Orr leaves a huge legacy for us to steward after 17 years of dedicated service as lead vicar in this parish. We will miss him and Jenny greatly.

We are also getting back into our regular rhythms of prayer and fellowship. As a result of the mornings we are working at the school, we have moved our daily prayer from the morning to midday. This has been a lovely way to wind down at lunchtime after what can often be hectic mornings at the school!

On a weekly basis we have our team meeting, which is preceded by a short devotional and time for prayer. It’s really nice how this rhythm allows us to give all our needs and concerns to God, before we get stuck in to the business of the meeting itself. Our community dinner, which we host every last Friday of the month at the local carvery, was well attended last month! It was good to see and catch up with (and for me – to get to know!) so many of our friends and supporters from the area. On the first Friday of the month we’ve been doing prayer walks around Whitley. Starting in St Agnes, the local parish church, we dedicate prayer to the community and continue to do so as we walk around the community itself, speaking God’s power over particular areas of the community that dearly need it.

As a new member of the team, it’s been a pleasure to update you on the work we are doing as an organisation! Lots of exciting things are happening! Watch this space next month for updates on how everything goes.


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