A lot has occurred since our previous update and so wherever you are reading this from, we hope you are keeping well.

Youth Survival Kit

SYC has put together a webpage for young people signposting them to several avenues helping them access online mentoring and support services, enhance and learn new skills.


At SYC in Whitley, we began with a Joint Churches Prayer Service on 1st March which gathered people from the four local churches in South Reading. It was an evening of worship and remembering how, as Christians, we can make a difference in our local community and are doing so already in different ways. The service took place at Tyndale Baptist Church with worship led by Aaron Dolding from The Well Church. We divided the Sanctuary space into 5 different stations where people could visit and reflect on various intentions.

The tree represented Whitley, as one body of Christ and people were asked to put up names of different groups and ministries operating in the community.

Everyone took turns to mark and pray for their streets and neighbourhood. We also wrote different promises, hopes and encouragements for Whitley in the form of a chain covering the community.

Out of the 2 scheduled afterschool clubs at Geoffrey Field Junior School, 1 was organised before schools closed. Reneta helped the team from Reading Family Church and together with the kids, they made a Veggie Pasta Bake. Since it was the last afterschool cooking club, the kids shared their experience of what they learnt and enjoyed. Sarah Horne from Reading Family Church did a wonderful job of preparing resources and mobilising volunteers. Especially Rouxle, who’s a chef and who tried each of the recipes every week before making it with the children.

Anika and Claire delivered 6 units of the Foundations Course on 6th and 7th March as well as 3 sessions of the Dealing with Depressions Course. The Whitley Logo Designing Competition entries were to be judged on 23rd March, however, due to the lockdown, this process was moved online. Reneta is now facilitating this 3-stage process with 5 judges from the community. This week, we’re on stage 2 after having shortlisted 15 designs from the initial 111 entries!

Lots of our activities have moved online, including our morning prayers, which is being joined by different people from the community – we even had Nentawe who heads Fusion in Nigeria joining us! Using Zoom for video conferencing has been such a blessing for us during this time. Since we had to postpone our benefit dinner to 21st November 2020, we had a catchup call with our Movement Members. Similarly, those who’d meet up for community dinner also came together online on the last Friday of the month as we’d usually do! Claire facilitated an online meeting with 10 key workers involved with Whitley’s young people and families (such as Berkshire Youth, Reading Borough Council, Brighter Futures) and together we discussed what each one can offer, challenges faced and ways to collaborate during this time.

As a result of this, SYC has put together a webpage for young people signposting them to several avenues helping them access online mentoring and support services, enhance and learn new skills among other things. We’re happy to share this with you too: www.syc.life/youthsurvivalkit 

We will be back with another update next month. Till then, from all of us at SYC in Whitley, we wish you a hope-filled Easter season!

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