February has been an exciting month with a mixture of schools and community work, training and conversations!

We began with Community Prayers as usual on the 1st Friday of the month. The same evening, we kicked off the Foundations Course for Personal, Community and Cultural Transformation at the Well Church in Whitley. We have 8 participants from 5 churches who are from different walks of life; all enthusiastic and excited to journey together for the next 4 months! Toya Anderson, one of our Movement Members delivered her very first course unit as a trainer that weekend. Proud of you, Toya!

The South Reading Churches Fun Day is back!

Preparations for the South Reading Churches Fun Day have begun!

Come and join us on Saturday 11th July!

Reneta continued to assist the After-School Cooking Club at Geoffrey Field Junior School. She also helped facilitate 2 Discovery Club sessions attended by 8-9 girls at The Wren School with Andrea Smith from Learn4Life (now, REACH) exploring the topic of ‘Our Journeys’. The Discovery Club roughly follows a resource called ‘Rooted’ by the Scripture Union.

Each of the girls made a timeline of their life and significant moments, and shared freely about their experiences in the context of these two questions: Who has influenced you or whom have you influenced? If you could ask God one question, what would it be? As part of her internship, Reneta had taken up a recommendation from the Research Report conducted by SYC, viz. To create a Whitley Logo. She organised a logo designing competition for young people in the community and promoted it in schools, community centres, faith groups and the local library. A total of 111 entries have been received for this competition and the winning logo will be used for different events, projects for the community!

Anika and Claire, besides preparing for Foundations, also delivered the first session for the Dealing with Depression Course which will run for a total of 5 weeks. They supported a workshop organised by Reading Voluntary Action on Street Parties and Festivals at the Whitley Wood Community Centre. As SYC explores specific future steps, both Claire and Anika have continued connecting with different individuals to gauge the current needs and gaps in services for young people living in Whitley. This included meeting key persons from organisations such as Cranbury College, Mustard Tree and Connect Reading.

Last but certainly not the least, preparations for the South Reading Churches Fun Day which will be held on 11th July, have begun! A kick-off gathering with church leaders took place on 23rd February to help reinforce the purpose behind the Fun Day and introduce possible team structures, etc. The first lot of flyers (i.e. 6057!) are currently being distributed by volunteers from churches and the community. We are excited to resume this wonderful event after a break last year, are you? Why not volunteer and join one of the several teams on the day? If this interests you, here’s the link to sign up – www.syc.life/srcfd

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