Imagine waking up one morning and not knowing if you could face the day, let alone get to work and be productive? Where your confidence in yourself had dropped below zero and you had no self belief?

I remember those days well…

It was like all I had done before then had been washed away. Any achievement or accolade meant nothing, any past work success was useless, and any confidence I had in my ability to work was now non-existent. Depression has the ability to rob us of our confidence in ourselves and our ability to work.

Depending on the severity of your depression this feeling may last a week or a year, but regardless it is debilitating.

What if you were able to rediscover your confidence and ability again?


One of the difficulties I faced was that my brain just wasn’t firing on all cylinders. I couldn’t look at a task and put in place the steps required to complete it. I needed help each day to make those sorts of decisions. Someone sat down with me every day to start with, to help me prioritise my tasks for the day. This meant I stayed focussed and was able to complete something each day and so my confidence was able to grow slowly. For some people it may be required that you step out of work for a period to allow yourself space and time to recover. But that means you need to discover other ways of building up confidence. The importance of being at work for me was it gave me stability and focus, so how else can you build tasks into your day that will bring those things? Maybe it’s meeting with a friend everyday at a set time, or putting small to do’s on your list each day.

In the Dealing with Depression course we look at a number of ways to help you move forward. One way is our action plan, which is a simple plan that helps you put in place small steps you can complete on your way to starting or finishing a task. The idea being that they are obtainable and doable steps so you can feel like you have completed something for the day, therefore rebuilding your confidence in your ability. 

For me as a Christian I also needed to remember that my confidence was not in my work or my status. Many of us struggle with finding our confidence in our work. But when that is stripped from you, where does your confidence come from? Ultimately our confidence is in God, and learning that, through this time, has placed me in a healthier position going forward.

You can sign up for free to our Dealing with Depression course at . It’s a series of podcasts highlighting different techniques you might be able to use in your journey to recovery, including downloading the simple action plan. It is a free, on demand resource that someone on the journey to recovery might find useful, as well as those walking the journey of recovery with them.

Dealing with Depression

We have created an online, on demand Dealing with Depression Course.

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Anika Parker

Anika Parker

Youth Worker

Anika is a youth worker with SYC, and the creator of the Dealing with Depression Course.

“The Dealing with Depression course came out of my own struggle with mental health, and the knowledge that many in our community were in the same boat without a whole lot of resources!

I continue to do youth work in our local secondary school and as a volunteer at my church. I love seeing young people find their story!

I am also a part of the SYC leadership and training team helping to write and deliver training across Europe.”