Our resources and training equip others to shift the culture of their place, transform their communities and change lives. Participants experience the very difference they’re learning to bring.

SYC is part of Fusion International which started in Australia almost 60 years ago. Fusion International has expressions similar to SYC in 15 countries; our training is the product of 6 decades cumulative learning in frontline youth and community ministry in diverse countries and settings.

Because our ministry is all about people, our training always has elements to help us understand God, ourselves and social interactions better.



we offer



Foundations for Personal, Community & Cultural Transformation.

A course for disciples and those who lead them. Develop the skills, knowledge and awareness necessary to be more effective in life and mission. (aprox 35 hrs)

Short School of Mission

Training to kick start local mission that shifts culture and equips the church to serve their community. Practical and interpersonal skills that help create a healthy culture based on Kingdom Values. (aprox 8 hrs)

Festival Training

An introduction to setting up healthy community and building the Open Crowd at a fun day or festival.  (aprox 4 hours)

School of Mission

A year long program for missional teams and their leaders. Participants walk through the process of establishing and implementing a long term missional strategy for their area. Delivered via weekly, live webinars.

Families Course

How to build healthy, strong and loving families. (8 hrs)

Dealing With Depression

For those who suffer and those who care. (6 sessions)

Youth Leaders Conference

A gathering of Youth Leaders, voluntary Youth Workers, peer leaders and Church Leaders, for workshops and discussions that will help strengthen our youth mission and ministry.


Level 1 in Skills for Training, Employment and Personal Development. For students who are not thriving in mainstream education. (1 day a week for 16 weeks)

Join the movement

There are many ways for you to be part of the SYC movement and help shift culture in our nation.