Open Crowd Community Festivals

Open Crowd Festivals have been found to be a great tool for shifting culture at the heart of communities the world over. They are community building events that use the dynamics of ‘the Open Crowd’ to build a culture based on Kingdom Values, so that everyone participating has a chance to experience what God’s kingdom might be like.

For decades Fusion International (and SYC here in the UK) have been honing these festivals. Here in the UK we have been working particularly at developing resources so that churches and other organisations can work together to run Open Crowd Festivals themselves. We love to offer support and provide training and mentoring so that you can experience the full benefits of the subtleties of the process.

Please feel free to download the excerpt from our comprehensive guide by clicking on the image across. If you would like the full guide and a host of other great resources including videos and management plans, please complete the form below and we will send you, free of charge, a link and password to the complete resources to help you run an Open Crowd Festival.

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