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Organisational Transitions

You’re facing or planning a major change, maybe a rebrand, or new strategy, a new partnership or change in the market or needs you’re addressing. You know that ‘business as usual’ isn’t going to make the cut, you’re going to have to do this differently. Claire would love to work with you to get the outcomes you would like to see. 

Team Culture and Performance

You’re struggling to keep your team of staff or volunteers motivated and performing well through challenging times. You’re dissatisfied with the culture on your team, you’re tempted to let some of them go, but the financial and time cost of recruiting and training new staff is giving you pause. You’re needing some fresh perspectives and insights, but the courses out there are too generic and you need to be efficient with your time and resources. Well, Claire can help you with that. 

Leadership Companioning 

The loneliness of leadership is weighing on you. Perhaps you’re feeling the limits and staleness of your approaches for dealing with complex problem solving and ‘people problems’. You have a board and a leadership team, but you would really value a safe confidential space with an outside perspective to help you break cycles of ‘business as usual’. Or maybe you’d like to move on to a new role or life stage, and you’re looking for clarity on how to do that well. You have come to the right place!


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Our Journey Together

I have crafted the journey below for you that is based on the science of change and best practice in coaching executives and senior leaders. It will help you go from where you are now to the leader and influencer you want to be, not just for a month or two, but sustainably, for the long haul. The 5 phase journey can be just as easily applied in a single session as we work on a particular issue, as to the whole of our journey together. Altogether we will spend up to 8 sessions, each about 90 minutes long, with additional contracting and review sessions at the start and finish respectively.


Phase 1

We’ll get to grips with your goal, the outcomes you’re after, what ‘done’ looks like for you & why it’s important for you.


Phase 2

We’ll then get really clear on your context, your current reality & how that has come about. We will use a  range of helpful frameworks to broaden your awareness at this point and throughout our journey together.


Phase 3

From there we’ll start exploring different avenues available to you to get to where you want to be. You may need to do some research at this point.


Phase 4

Soon you’ll be ready to create a plan that will work for you; I’ll help you stay realistic whilst being ambitious. We’ll create a timeframe that works for you & I’ll guide you as you take some actions to really set yourself up to win.


The more effort you spend in the first four phases, the more successful you will be in the final one. 

Depending on the nature of what you’re working on, phase 5 can take up to several months & lead into a maintenance stage during which your changes or achievements become embedded and truly sustainable. Of course I can give you the specific support needed during this phase.


Phase 5

It’s time to implement! You’ll have already done a bunch of things towards your goal by now, but this is the point of no return! I’ll support you in the process of fine tuning your strategy as you progress, & celebrating every win!

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I would be honoured to journey with you over a longer period of time as you become the leader you were made to be; leaving a legacy of empowered flourishing individuals and a thriving team and community.

To get started if you havent already had your development consult available in the Silver Package, lets book it in now! As part of the session we can discuss your situation and how I might be able to help you move forward on your journey, as well as go through any questions you might have about coaching. I’ll send you a template contract and you can then take a few days to make your decision before signing up for the Platinum Coaching Package to start your journey with me to your future you!

So what are you waiting for??? I would dearly love you to benefit from the current prices for the Platinum Package, but in spring 2023 they will be going up…. so don’t take too long to make up your mind!

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Happy Clients


It has been an extremely positive and empowering experience that has challenged, inspired and helped me to recognize strengths and challenge my own behaviours that (at times) undermined my future success. Each session has provided inspiration and motivation.

Senior Manager – Higher Education

 Claire has provided a much needed sounding board, encouragement and challenge at a time when I have felt quite isolated.  I trust her because of her own leadership background and this gives me confidence in our times together. I would recommend her highly to anyone who is willing to put in the effort to improve their own performance.

Anglican Vicar

We always start our sessions with a few minutes of mindfulness and this is a great opportunity for me to discard the pressures of work and create space for me to reflect on myself and what I’m trying to achieve. Claire chooses the right moment to get me to reflect on what I’m saying and asks pertinent questions to probe what I’m really trying to achieve. She doesn’t give me the solution or tell me what to do but through her questions and reflections she enables me to see the best solution.

Secondary School Head

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