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Building Healthy Culture

You want your team and organisation to function with a healthy, life affirming culture and for those that engage with you to experience it as well. You’d be delighted to hear stories of people replicating the culture they experienced with you, in their own settings. As a Christian leader, this looks and feels like building a Kingdom Culture that multiplies grace wherever it touches. Great news! This is exactly what we love to equip teams to do. 

Helping People Flourish 

Your organisation works with people who are all sorts of broken, but your team often get weary in the work and wish they could bring help that is more lasting to those they work with. Or maybe members of your team are somehow not flourishing and you’d like that to change. Perhaps the mentoring that’s taking place in your organisation is a little superficial and you’d like it to be far more effective. As a Christian leader you would love to see your team better equipped to grow in their own discipleship and in discipling others. Well, you have come to the right place. 

Developing Strategy for longterm, holistic, Christian Mission 

You’ve seen the benefits to the community of projects and programs that last more than a couple of years. But even the long term ones, however good at reaching their specific targets, still fail to transform the wider context and long term ‘prognosis’ for the community. Perhaps you’ve lurched between seasons of prayer and intercession, and seasons of activism for years, changing your tactics to try for more ‘fruit’. Or maybe your mums and tots group or CAP centre is working wonders but you never seem to be able to ‘get them into church’. We would love to help you breakthrough into a new era of transformation. 

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First of all, we are excited by the prospect of working with you and your team! 

If you resonated with what we have descrived in the opening of this page, then here’s what to do about it: The first step is to read through the rest of this page and find out more about the areas we train in and also the different formats of delivery we are able to provide. Have a think about what would work best in your context. 

Next, if you have already had a development consult with us and would like to talk through your options, get in touch via our contact page to set up a call. If you’ve not had a development consult, then you can do this by registering for our free Silver Package. During this consult we will clarify what your training needs are and whether or not we can meet them. If we can, we will go ahead and discuss the various delivery options (training, weekend and residential) and which one might be best for you and your team.

Then, when you’re ready to start the process, simply register for the delivery option you have chosen by clicking the relevant registration button below, after which we will draw up a service agreement with you including total costs, and begin to design the training.

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Our Three Areas of Expertise

At SYC we have our own expertise and that of the rest of our movement to draw on so that we can provide training and mentoring in a number of areas. What we offer here is a great adjunct to the coaching relationship; coaching could be an ideal way to help you integrate and implement the learning you gain from this training. (If you’re after input in a specific area not covered here, do still drop us a line to check as we may be able to help, what follows isn’t a comprehensive list!)


Building Healthy Culture

The culture of a team, organisation or community is shaped by the interplay between its shared history, its vision of the future and the values that are lived out by its members.  The culture is what people experience when they interact with your team, organisation or community. We can help you learn how to shape your culture and ensure it remains strong and even spreads beyond you so that others adopt it. We can provide this training and mentoring in a secular setting as well as in a Christian setting with clear theological grounding. Read our post here for more information.


Helping People Flourish

Whether you work with troubled young people or simply want to get the best from your team and anything in between, this training will be helpful for you!  We can help you develop your own self-awareness so that you better understand yourself and those you work with. This along with knowing how best to use certain interpersonal skills will ensure that rather than being part of a social system that keeps everyone (including yourself) trapped in familiar behaviours, you can help others grow into freedom, health and maturity. We can provide this training and mentoring in a secular setting as well as in a Christian setting with clear theological grounding. Read our post here for more information.


Developing Long Term Holistic Strategy

Since the pandemic started, ‘business as usual’ is not an option for church and mission. 

We can train and support you as you develop intentional strategies that are responsive to our new, emerging contexts whilst being Kingdom focused and incarnational; building a transformative, life affirming culture that welcomes everyone and enables those who want to to follow Jesus.

We’ll cover everything from hearing and praying God’s heart for your community and getting to know and trust every section of the community, to collaborating with both secular and Christian groups as well as losing the program/project focused mentality to mission that so often hinders the work. Read our post here for more information.

Training Delivery

Below are the three formats in which we can deliver your Bespoke Training. We will provide the trainer-facilitators and training materials; you get to take care of all the other logistics like venue, food and refreshments etc, including looking after our accommodation and transport.

Platinum series


Part of our Bespoke Training offer, we can create and deliver a tailor made multi session course for your team. For example, over the last year we have led the leaders training forum for a local church, running a double session one evening each month. We designed the course having spent time with the Senior Pastor clarifying the outcomes he was after.


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Platinum Residential


As part of our Bespoke Training offer, we can create and deliver a tailor made residential intensive. We recently delivered a 7 day program that consisted of sessions and tutorials; as it was residential there was plenty of time for additional informal conversations as well as scheduled one 2 one sessions with participants. Our clients looked after all the food and accommodation arrangements. We made sure our client was involved throughout the design process to ensure that what we were planning would be appropriately received by their team.


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Platinum Weekend


As part of our Bespoke Training offer, we can create and deliver a tailor made weekend course. We realise that for some this format is easiest for many reasons. This format can include up to 7 formal sessions depending on your schedule and preferred format. A residential format naturally increases the scope for additional informal engagement with our trainer facilitators.


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Happy Clients


[From this training] I gained spiritual energy and a deep reminder of the faithfulness of God–that His work is not dependent on us and He is in charge of transformation. I gained the opportunity to learn alongside the people I work with, developing a community that now has shared language and a more united mission.  I gained many opportunities to connect deeply with the Holy Spirit and anytime that space is created, it’s a humbling gift.

This training impacted me in more ways than I was expecting or could’ve hoped for. Not only was I reminded about things of God I once knew and perhaps had forgotten, but I was able to learn new things about God, his character, his love for me, his desires for my relationship for him, and all of this supported and informed by engaging both in the Scriptures as well as the principles of psychology. I also walked away with a refreshed and renewed desire to engage in God’s word and incorporate it back into my very way of being.

 Claire’s communication style is warm and conversational and it embraces and welcomes each person in the group, thereby establishing a sense of belonging. Claire naturally creates a safe space and is able to help people with her insightful questions, which promote self expression and allow for the exploration, and deep consideration, of thoughts and opinions.  A rare set of skills, delivered with encouragement, and with excellent planning and preparation dialogue in advance. As well as bringing clarity, this approach enables Claire to successfully realise her client’s brief for each of her training courses.

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