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We have a range of coaching and training packages for you to choose from depending on your needs and where you and your team are on your journey. 

SYC Coaching and Bespoke Training is a social enterprise; all the income generated is ploughed directly back into SYC’s Youth and Community work. We love that by serving you through coaching and training, we also get to ensure our Youth and Community ministry can continue.

If you are a registered Charity, or a private individual, we can always give you a sizeable discount on our Platinum Packages, get in touch to find out more and how.


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What we offer


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Our Free Silver Package comes with a 60 minute development consult and some great resources to encourage you as a leader.


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Platinum Coaching

Our Platinum Coaching Package is based around a set of up to eight 90 minute, one 2 one coaching sessions. It includes resources that you can access in your own time that will support you throughout each stage of your coaching journey.


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Gold Combo


Our Gold Combo Package comes with  a one 2 one Coaching session with Claire, our executive coach, a bespoke training session with up to 8 people you lead or work with, AND lifetime access to some more great resources for you and your team to continue growing.


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Our Platinum Packages

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Platinum Series


As part of our Bespoke Training offer, we can create and deliver a tailor made multi session course for your team. Over the last year we have led the leaders training forum for a local church, running a double session one evening each month. We designed the course having spent time with the Senior Pastor clarifying the outcomes he was after.


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Platinum Residential


As part of our Bespoke Training offer, we can create and deliver a tailor made residential intensive. We recently delivered a 7 day program that consisted of sessions and tutorials; with additional informal conversations as well as scheduled one 2 one sessions with participants. We involved our client throughout the design process to ensure that what we were addressing the needs of their team.


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Platinum Weekend


As part of our Bespoke Training offer, we can create and deliver a tailor made weekend course. This format can include up to 7 formal sessions depending on your schedule and preferred format. A residential format naturally increases the scope for additional informal engagement with our training facilitators.


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Claire’s Approach to Coaching

I believe that you have all the experience and resources you need, either within you or at your fingertips, to become the leader you were made to be, to serve the team you have and will have, and to enable your organisation to achieve its best aims.

My job as your coach is to help you gain the insight, self awareness and skill that enables you to access these, and address the various things that are blocking your development, and that of your team and organisation. I use reflective listening and careful questions a lot, but I will also, with your permission, teach you new concepts or frameworks if I believe they might be of help to you, I may also share from my own journey and experience from time to time. However your progress in our work together depends largely on your commitment to, and ownership of, your own growth.

Foundational to my approach are the insights I have gained in the last 20 years into the self and its development, drawing on the likes of Gestalt Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Nootherapy (Frankle), Trauma Informed Practice and Hayakawa. These, along with several years being accompanied by a phenomenal spiritual director, have not only led to my own growth and self awareness, but also formed the framework I use to facilitate growth in others. 

Our Approach to Training

We believe that the more we understand what it means to be human, and the more insight we have into our own story as individuals, the more we can help those around us flourish. We have a clear theology of human flourishing and understand that you cannot separate the wellbeing of an individual from that of their network of relationships and indeed their wider environment.

We believe that to know something is to be changed by it so that our approach and behaviour is genuinely altered. Therefore in our training we do not settle for a mere sharing of ‘information’, rather we want to see our participants experiencing, integrating and applying what they are learning in real time.

Therefore, a value for us is to only train on things that we ourselves have personally been changed by or are honestly grappling with. When we work with you as trainers and facilitators, we come openly as people on a journey of growth, both individually and as a team; we invite you to engage in our processes similarly, with open hearts and minds, coming as you are and ready to grow and change. 

Happy Clients


[From this training] I gained spiritual energy and a deep reminder of the faithfulness of God–that His work is not dependent on us and He is in charge of transformation. I gained the opportunity to learn alongside the people I work with, developing a community that now has shared language and a more united mission.  I gained many opportunities to connect deeply with the Holy Spirit and anytime that space is created, it’s a humbling gift.

Humanitarian Charity Worker

 Claire has provided a much needed sounding board, encouragement and challenge at a time when I have felt quite isolated.  I trust her because of her own leadership background and this gives me confidence in our times together. I would recommend her highly to anyone who is willing to put in the effort to improve their own performance.

Anglican Vicar

We have had the privilege and benefit of receiving training from Claire both as a small staff team group, and in a wider leadership forum context. These times have provided enriching opportunities for gaining knowledge, for working with dynamic techniques that lead to increased personal self awareness, and for nurturing a reflective and thoughtful approach, both individually, and within interpersonal relationships.  Claire’s communication style is warm and conversational and it embraces and welcomes each person in the group, thereby establishing a sense of belonging.

Senior Church Pastors

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