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We believe it’s possible to shift culture at the heart of a community and we’d love to show you how.
Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the needs in the community where your church is located?
You want to engage with your local community but you have no idea where to start?
Perhaps you already have some great programs going but you’re not seeing people take the next step and “join the church”?
What if you could have an expert help you develop a sustainable strategy for seeing your community transformed? A strategy that made perfect sense to you, your congregation and your community? What if your legacy was a growing church and thriving community?

We are part of an international Christian movement, with decades of experience seeing communities made more whole and individuals of all ages finding life as churches return to the heart of the neighbourhood. We’d love to partner with you, as you step out and see your community and its young people transformed by God’s kingdom.

We can provide coaching, training, expertise and mentoring. Mission for us is a process not an event. We can help you look at local area strategies, church unity, building teams, running activities and the process of mission for your area. When a community’s culture is informed by Kingdom Values, an openness to the Good News that Jesus brings grows and mission becomes natural. We’d love to show you how to do this.

A Christian leader talks about SYC’s work with local churches

What we offer



We regularly run our Foundations for Personal, Community & Cultural Transformation. Foundations is our mainstay that is complemented by a range of other courses, for a variety of arenas, such as The School of Mission and our bespoke courses. Check out our events section for upcoming training or get in touch with us about our bespoke offerings.


Our areas of expertise lie in youth work, community development and outreach. We have learnt how to set up a process whereby you can reach as much as 80% of the young people in your area and provide effective opportunities for them to respond to the Gospel. We can help you develop similar strategies for reaching other sections of your community.


We place a high value on relationships and believe that mentoring is a great process for mutual learning. Mentoring can take place over a short time scale, for an event for example, or over a longer period of time, such as for the development and implementation of a mission strategy.


If you’d like to have a sample of some of our resources get in touch with us on our contact page or have a glance at our resources page.

‘Andy Prosser [of Shift Youth + Community] has been working with us at St Matthew’s since 2012. Initially he did some research into the local community which gave us an action plan for work with children and young people. He set up and continues to run a club with volunteers from the church for some of the most challenging young people in the area. Andy has been a huge support and encouragement for us to get involved in outreach in our community, and has given us so much of his time and expertise particularly in working with youngsters.’

Rev Peter Nunn

Preston, UK

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‘Working with [Shift Youth + Community] is helping take what we already do as a church in our community to the next level. [SYC’s] ‘Process of Mission’ is shaping our approach and planning, bringing us closer to our God inspired dream of seeing our community transformed.’

Pastor Nick Graves

Purley, UK

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