Internships and Placements

If you want a hands on experience of what grass roots mission is really like then come and join us!


Are you looking for a challenging experience that will stretch you and grow your faith?


Are you ready to step away from the rat race for a while and spend time doing things because they matter?

What if you were able to see how your life, energy and gifts brought joy and hope to a community and its young people? What if a single year of your life could leave a significant legacy in one community?

Being an intern in a smaller team like ours means you get to be a part of all that we do – from hands on schools and youth work, to community festivals and street parties, and from training days and networking meetings, to admin in the office and doing the washing up!

 It is not a Monday to Friday work – it is more a way of life than a role. It’s a fascinating blend that keeps you firmly on the ground and at the same time – lets you be free!

Reneta Kuttan

Why SYC and not somewhere else?

Your Narrative:

We will help you discover more of who God made you to be, the purpose he has made you for and how to manage the things within you that hold you back. We’ll also show you how to do this for others.


We will mentor you to grow into your purpose and deepen your understanding of mission, so that you can mentor others in the same way.


We will help you strengthen your relationships and networks, so that you keep them healthy and build community. You’ll learn to help others do the same.

Culture based on Kingdom Values:

We will work with you to integrate Kingdom Values into your life and practice. We’ll show you how to shape and shift a culture so that Kingdom Values undergird it.

Applied Theology:

All the above is an application of basic theology; together we will grow in our understanding of God and his word in a way that leads to the flourishing of individuals and communities.

What will you walk away with?

You will get a reference and statement of competency from SYC.

Some of our training is already accredited with CYM (Institute for Children Youth and Ministry), we are working to get our School of Mission accredited so that you receive a qualification in Youth Work Practice to go with the incredible hands on experience and mentoring you get with us.

Peter shares about his experience of the SYC internship.

‘This internship has taught me so much and I have really learned how to press into a more intentional prayer life. I have also seen what it really means to live in community and to help equip believers and non-believers to reach their full potential as God created it to be.’

Renee Austin Harvey

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