In the Community

We are a registered charity made up of Christian youth and community workers committed to helping entire communities thrive.

We do this by positively shaping the culture of programs and events that we run. We are committed to helping members of the community shape positive culture themselves. Our objectives include increasing social cohesion and building social capital.
Our Community Work Process:

Our community work always starts with in depth research into the needs and resources of the place where we are. From there we develop a strategy that consists of programs to address local needs by utilising local resources. We network and partner with other agencies and local organisations working towards the same goals as us. Both our processes and our programs are intended to increase social cohesion and capital in our communities.

Our Faith and our Community Work

Our faith informs the “how and why” we work in the community. This means we respect every individual including their cultural and religious background and beliefs. It also means we work very closely with the local churches who often make up a large proportion of our volunteer base. We support and sometimes run programs that enable members of the community to explore the Christian faith and provide opportunities for them to choose it for themselves. This is made explicit in program information before the event.

What we offer

Local Communities


SYC Families Course

The Families course is for any family member wanting to help build a healthy, strong and loving family.

SYC Dealing With Depression Course

For those who suffer and those who care for them.

Help and Training to run Street Parties and Community Festivals.

Support and training in how to use these simple events to help shift the culture in the community and build social cohesion.

Networking and Advocating for Specialist Programs

We can assist with bringing local resources together to meet local needs.

Youth Work

We can bring training and expertise in schools’ work, as well as community based and church based youth work.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with the [Shift Youth and Community] Team since I started working in Whitley and I have been encouraged by their insight and dedication to our community. They are committed to building consistent relationships in Whitley and their research report helped our team to plan ahead and build partnerships with local people and a range of services and agencies.”

Ebony George

Neighbourhood Initiatives Officer

Reading Borough Council

Join the movement

There are many ways to join the SYC movement and participate in shifting culture across our nation.

Get in touch

For more information on how we can work together for our community please get in touch.