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We are a registered charity made up of Christian youth and community workers committed to helping young people thrive.
Are the teaching and pastoral staff in your school or department suffering extreme stress under the demands of their role?
Are some of your students not getting the support they really need to thrive in a school environment?
Has a negative, confrontational culture emerged in your school?
What if you could have a team of trained and volunteer youth workers on hand to provide support to both staff and students? During class times and recess? With the result that the stress levels across your team reduced, students began to do better and the culture started to improve.
We work to positively shape the culture of programs, classes and activities we run. Our ‘norms’ soon begin to govern the way students and staff work when they are with us.

Build people up

(Don’t tear them down)


Help people grow

(Don’t hold them back)


People matter

A local schools worker talks about SYC’s work in schools

A local teacher talks about SYC’s impact in a local school

What we offer

Secondary Schools



A 16 week program (1 day a week) for young people on the verge of exclusion. Students who complete the program successfully will receive a Level 1 qualification in Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development. The program provides a youth work mentor for each student in the context of learning the basics of a trade, workshops and sharing meals together.

Lunch Times With a Difference

This is an informal program using games and group activities to build self esteem, self management and cooperation in students. At times we have been asked to join students whilst they are having lunch to encourage positive social interaction and interpersonal skills.

Community Building Events

We can train older students to create events and activities that encourage healthy interactions between participants, and help to build a sense of community.

Other areas where we can be involved include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Mentoring Programs – particularly for students who are at risk of exclusion
  • Personal Development
  • PSHE lessons
  • Revision support
  • Pastoral support for teaching staff

“We have been working with SYC over the past year on a range of activities both within school and out in community.  These amazing opportunities have allowed students to take their learning beyond the classroom, something which they have all thrived on. Students have been working towards achieving a range of nationally recognised qualifications as well as enhancing their own personal and social development skills. The SYC team are hugely experienced, caring, passionate people who place the needs of the students at the centre of everything they do.

The academy is looking forward to our journey ahead with SYC.”

Adam Tombs

ARC Manager

John Madejski Academy


Because my son attends JMA and my husband is a govenor there also, we’re aware of lots of challenges in the school community, particularly around mental health and that there’s a great need for pastoral care. I’m so encouraged that SYC are present and active in the school, bringing the presence of Jesus, and giving much needed pastoral care and support to young people who desperately need. I’m convinced that this is absoloutley invaluable work in our community.


Survey Respondant


What we offer

Primary Schools


Seasonal Community Events

Because we are embedded in the local community, we can work with schools to participate in community events around Easter, Advent, Halloween, and more. This can involve working with classes to prepare songs and costumes as well as to understand the stories behind the particular event.

Familes Course

The Families Course provides sought after support for parents. It helps family members build a healthy, strong and loving family together. We can run this at school, during school hours.
Our Credentials

SYC is headed up by qualified youth and community workers with youth work, teaching and training experience across three continents. We only do schools’ work in the communities in which we are based, so we are known well locally.
All our youth workers, including trainees and interns are DBS cleared and we operate under the safeguarding policy of the school in which we are working.

All our trainees, volunteers and interns receive youth work training and ongoing mentoring. We partner with other charities and agencies to deliver the best work in schools we can, whilst keeping to our values. Our vocational training program is accredited by CYM (Institute for Children Youth and Mission) who issue NOCN qualifications to our students.

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