With Young People (For Parents)

We are a registered charity made up of Christian youth and community workers committed to helping young people thrive.


Are you concerned about your young persons future?


Do you worry about the people they are spending time with?


Do you wonder if SYC is any different?

What if your teenager was connected to a team of positive role models who worked both in the school and in the community? What if they were able to bring out the best in your young person and encourage them to take responsibility and have a positive impact on those around them?

We work with young people both in schools and through external programs such as youth cafes and day trips. We have a set of norms that help to shape the culture and feel of every program and activity: all young people and team are expected to operate by them.

Our norms are:


Build people up

(Don’t tear them down)


Help people grow

(Don’t hold them back)


People matter


Our faith informs the “how and why” we do youth work day to day, and in certain external contexts (not our schools’ work), we will provide opportunities for people to choose the Christian faith as their own, but this will be clearly communicated before the event.

What we offer

Your Teenagers


Schools' Work

A range of mentoring and training programs, both formal and informal, tailored to the needs of the individual school and its students. Please see our separate schools’ work section for more information.


Youth Cafes

An informal and safe space where young people can gather, play games, do craft, and hang out with qualified and DBS checked youth workers and volunteers.


Day Trips

A day out with games, team challenges, food and a young person sharing their own faith story and inviting others to make that decision.


Talk 'n' Tucker

Bible study, discussion and food for young people exploring faith.

What we offer

Your Younger Kids


Kids' Clubs

Kids’ clubs run after school on a weekly basis or during the holidays, and are fun filled programs focusing on values for healthy relating. Children are also introduced to Bible stories in fun and inspiring ways.

Our Credentials

SYC is headed up by qualified youth and community workers with youth work, teaching and training experience across three continents. All our youth workers, including trainees and interns, are DBS cleared and we operate a safeguarding policy for recruiting through to incident management. All our trainees, volunteers and interns receive youth work training and ongoing mentoring.

‘Both our daughters love spending time with members of the Shift Youth + Community team, they take an interest in what the girls have to say and respond in a kind and caring manner. Anika is one of their youth leaders and as parents we love the time she spends with our girls, playing games, listening and being a great example of a Christian. If either of our girls had a problem and felt they couldn’t come to us, we hope they would ask Anika for help.’



Neil and Toya

Parents, Whitley, Reading.

‘My daughter Lauren has gone on to university, but during her gap year spent 2 months with Fusion in Jamaica [part of the International network that SYC is a part of], helping to run kids’ clubs and days out, and experiencing first hand the immense challenges that poverty and neglect bring to youth work. I know she feels enormously grateful for that opportunity. I should add that neither of us hold a faith at present. However, we strongly align ourselves with the belief in community and humanity, and hold our connection with [Shift Youth + Community] as a very precious and important part of our lives.’





Parent, Wheatley, Oxfordshire

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