Our work

In Schools

We are committed to helping young people thrive.

We do this by positively shaping the culture of programs, classes and activities we run in schools. Our ‘norms’ soon begin to govern the way students and staff work when they are with us.

With Churches

We believe your church can shift the culture of your community. We are part of an international Christian movement, with decades of experience seeing communites made more whole and individuals finding life as churches return to the heart of the neighbourhood. We want you to share in this.

In the Community

We are committed to helping entire communities thrive. We do this by helping members of the community shape positive culture in the events we run with them, and in broader community life. Our objectives include increasing social cohesion and building social capital.

With Young People

We are a registered charity made up of Christian youth and community workers committed to helping your young people thrive.  We work with them both in schools and through external programs such as youth cafes and day trips.


You can support the work of SYC in lots of different ways.