This month we are reporting from Reading where lots has been happening for the team there.

What a unique time we are living in! I mean, could you imagine working from home and planning for a community funday without meeting face-to-face with all the team members until on the day itself? And to practically put it together in 6 weeks has been challenging yet such a thrilling experience! On 11th July, we had the South Reading Churches Funday with all things redesigned and re-imagined to meet a new safety standard, thanks to COVID19.

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Catch up on our Funday report by scooting to our recent post here.

Besides the Funday, we’d also begun working towards establishing our first steps in detached youth work in Whitley Wood. We aim to visit the areas once every week for an hour or more and are in the process of making new connections with local sports groups to explore possibilities that will benefit our young people. Whilst waiting our high vis clothing, we head there each week to pray and say hi to any of the adult residents we pass.

This month Indy also converted the winning design for the Whitley logo, into an actual logo. We have produced posters which have been now  displayed on community notice boards and will be distributed across the community. The logo is a wonderful sign of hope and welcome for our community.

The Foundations Course continued throughout June and first week of July with 4 units covered viz. Guilt, Participating in the Process of Redemption, Attitudes & Values, Towards a Healthy Group Life. Another good news is that we will be back at John Madejski Academy in September 2020 to provide support to young people in the Sixth Form!

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As we gradually transition towards resuming face-to-face contact, we’d like to invite you to the Annual Benefit Dinner which was earlier supposed to take place on 28th March but now will be on 21st November 2020 at the same location i.e. Tylney Hall Hotel and Gardens. It’ll be a lovely evening of connecting with like-minded individuals, celebrate and dream big for the young people and communities of our nation, so we encourage you to register yourself HERE.

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