Love Your Street

So you’re interested in reaching out to your neighbours and building community your street?

Perhaps you’ve had new people move onto the street recently, or noticed that some folk seem pretty isolated? Or maybe kids are getting up to no good or your concerned that folk might be doing it rough in our post covid, high cost of living world? Building a sense of community on your street may be just the thing you need to do. 

Street Parties are a wonderful British institution that can be part of a strategy for building social cohesion on your street, making your neighbourhood a safe and inclusive place, and bringing a Christian witness to those living around you. Gathering your neighbours to celebrate and have fun can bring about genuine transformation on your street! 

Sign up for free to our Love Your Street membership for access to everything you need to see your street transformed. 


Having run community building Fundays for many years, we have applied some key principles to events run a much smaller scale amongst neighbours in the same street.  Like the rest of the world Covid restrictions forced us to go to the next level and find new ways of applying these principles so we could continue reaching out to our neighbours despite social distancing and lockdowns. We have pulled this whole journey together in one place in the form of brand new podcasts, manuals, videos and more, all available on demand for anyone to make use of.

So if you would like to start the journey of community transformation on your street, sign up below (for free) for all you will need to run a street party plus so much more! If you live in Reading there is even a Festival Trailer you can hire which includes a whole bunch of equipment and resources for your Street Party.


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