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When the culture of our community is informed by Kingdom Values, an openness to the Good News that Jesus brings grows and mission becomes a natural process. If reading this stirs something in you, then maybe it’s time to get in touch.

As a relational organisation we have a number of ways you can connect with us and take part in shifting culture and bringing change across the UK. We consider ourselves very much like a family, which means communication and contact are important. We know being together in person is not always possible, so our annual gathering for National Conference is a precious time that we all make a priority.


How You Can Join

SYC Movement Members:

Movement Members are those who want to be part of the family, they come from across the UK and don’t need to be connected with a centre. Two or three movement members can join together to form an SYC Satelite Centre. 
Movement Members commit to:
  • Join the family.
  • Pray for the family.
  • Pray for your community.
  • Champion the mission.
SYC’s Commitments:
  • We welcome you into the family.
  • We help you stay connected.
  • We pray for you and your community.
  • We help you know who we are and how we do things.

SYC Missional Staffers:

Missional Staffers are movement members who make a commitment to be a part of the life of an SYC centre, participating in rhythms of life, prayer and local mission. If you are not near an SYC centre but feel ready for this level of commitment, you could gather a team around you to form an SYC Assiciate Centre. 
Missional Staffers commit to:
  • Fully participate in SYC movement life, including through prayer, nationally.
  • Learn and become skilled in the mission, locally.
SYC’s commitments:
  • We support you in integrating our values.
  • We help you find your place on the team and grow in skill and competence.
  • We mentor you on your journey in Christian mission.

SYC Vocational Staffers:

Vocational Staffers are vocationally called to the work of SYC locally, nationally and internationally. A Vocational Staffer might gather a team of Missional Staffers and others to form an SYC Centre if there isn’t already one where they are. 
Vocational Staffers commit to:
  • Carry out our Christian vocation as part of the SYC family and within our mission.
  • Take and fulfil the vows of our fellowship.
  • Grow in functional, servant leadership and influence.
SYC’s commitments:
  • We will encourage, support and serve with you as we do mission together.
  • We commit to growing as a family together.
  • Together we will grow in knowledge and skill.

SYC Volunteers:

SYC volunteers can be anyone from the community; they can be part of a program or admin and support team.
Volunteers commit to:
  •  Join a team.
  • Champion the team.
SYC’s commitments:
  • We welcome you on to the team.
  • We support you to be as effective as possible in your role on the team.

Contact us

If you’d like to be part of what we are doing through the SYC movement, or are interested in any of the roles we are looking to fill, we’d love to hear from you!