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You’re at your wits end as to how to meet the demands of each of your very different children with their diverse needs – at the same time! Maybe you’re a lone parent, or perhaps you have experienced recent major life changes, or one of your children is particularly struggling with life at the moment.


Your family is doing well, but your eldest child is entering a new stage of development and you’re intrigued to understand more of what to expect and how others have best managed youngsters in this stage. You want to be best prepared and know how to advise other family members or trusted adults who will be sharing in the care of your child.


Looking after the children in your care is OK, you just want some company! Having others to share experiences and ideas for keeping children happy and healthy would be so good! You’re a grandparent, parent or nanny, or perhaps you find yourself expecting a baby and need all the support you can find?

What if…


You no longer felt unsupported in your parenting, but rather had confidence in your skills for parenting and had people you could turn to for encouragement and guidance without fear of being shamed.


You were able to build the family you’ve always wanted but always felt far out of reach.


School began reporting improvements in your child’s behaviour and grades, and they were more settled, secure and happy… and so were you.

If you would like to experience similar changes in your experience of family life, then The Families Course could be just the thing to help you get there. 

The Families Course has grown out of more than 30 years of hands-on experience with families from all walks of life. The course is practical, fun and gives parents tools that work. It covers eight topics, which together, form a framework to build warm, strong and healthy family relationships.

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SYC has hosted The Families Course several times here in South Reading, we are now delighted to be able to give families anywhere in the UK free and direct access to the course, on demand – any time they want!

The Families Course Journey

As we journey through The Families Course together, parents, grandparents, carers and others will develop a picture of the family they want, and will learn skills and strategies to make that happen. The course covers eight topics, which together, form a framework to build warm, strong and healthy family relationships.

Topics include Understanding Ages and Stages, Being Positive, Dealing with Conflict, Effective Discipline, Building Values and Culture, Connecting through Nurturing Skills, Honesty in Relationships and the Journey to Independence.

Participants are encouraged to reflect on their own parenting style and to build on the strengths they bring to their family life each day.

Each session is presented on video and there is a participants manual for you to download which will guide you through each session (you can order a paper copy if you prefer). 


Course Outline


Foundations for Families

Who was significant to you when you were growing up? Often it was someone who listened and cared but also had clear boundaries. Every family needs a firm foundation, values that last and reasons for the rules.


Building Nurturing Skills

Research shows that children who have a warm loving relationship with the adults in their lives will be more resilient and better equipped for hard times. This session presents practical ways to help children feel loved, heard, valued and reach their potential.


Understanding Ages and Stages

When we know what is “normal” at a particular age and stage, it can lower our stress levels. This understanding enables us to better care for children and draw appropriate boundaries.


Being Positive

When we notice the good things children do, it powerfully affects their behaviour! We all love genuine encouragement and specific praise. Our children will blossom when we expect the best and catch them doing good!


Building Honest Relationships

Honesty can really improve our family life! When it is safe to be real with each other, relationships grow. We want home to be a place where kids love to be, with people they can trust.



Every child is on a journey to independence and it’s not always smooth! We can help by watching and listening carefully. Is their behaviour a testing of boundaries or a cry for help and support?


Dealing with Conflict

Unfortunately, quarrels and fights are a normal part of family life. There are ways to deal with conflict that will lessen the hurt and stress and give kids tools for life.



Can we maintain clear consistent boundaries? Is it possible to carry out consequences yet still communicate our love and support? It may take some work but the benefits to family life are worth the effort!

Sounds good

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Sounds good

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If you’d like to talk to someone before signing up, dont hestitate to contact us at SYC, we’d love to have a conversation and answer any questions you might have. 

Getting Started

The Families Course was developed in Australia and has grown out of more than 30 years of hands-on experience with families from all walks of life. 

After two decades of running the Families Course in small and large face to face groups, in diverse settings and more recently on Zoom, the team in Australia have now made the Course available in video. This is exciting news for us in the UK as it means that individuals and groups can access the course directly, whenever and wherever they want, without waiting for SYC to run one!

When you select the I’m In button, you will be taken straight to The Families Course webpage where you can sign up and access the video course immediately.  Individuals do this entirely for free. If you have a group of parents from your school, church or organisation that would like to go through the course together you can also do this for a small once only fee, for which you will get some additional resources to help you organise the sessions for your group.

So, do follow the link and get started on the next phase of your journey towards building the family life you want. 

What others have said


“The positive, practical ideas in this course continue  to give me the courage and tools to build our family life.”

“Our family has been much more positive and calm since we did the course.”

“You can always improve your skills as a parent. No one’s perfect. I think everyone should take time out to take a good look at themselves, to see what they need to work on, to give their child the best chance at life.”

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