October 31, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – November 6, 2020 @ 9:00 am Europe/London Timezone
Garden Villa B&B
SYC Reading Team
0118 931 4747


This year we are looking forward to gathering again as IF in Pogradec, where the Albanian team will be hosting us in their lovely Garden Villa Cafe and Bed&Breakfast!

Once again we have a two step booking process:

Step One: Please complete the Registration Form below as soon as possible.

Step Two: Once your flights are booked please return and complete the Arrival and Departure Information Form below.

This whole process will help ILT and the Albanian team care for everyone to the best of our ability; see you in October!

International Forum 2020

Venue: click here to see more: Garden Villa B&B, Pogradec, Albania

IF fees of E120 cover you from Sunday evening to Saturday morning. If you are arriving before or staying on after the end of IF, you will need to budget for extra accommodation and food costs.

And now for the money stuff!

There are two basic options for paying IF fees:

  1. You can use the PayPal button below. This option also enables you to easily pay for up to three delegates at any one time. There is a small Paypal charge.

IF registration fees

      2. You can withdraw cash (Albanian Lekk) from an ATM when you reach Pogradec, Albania. Check the exchange rate, but to give you an idea 100 Euros is about 12,300 ALL.

(please ensure your bank card works overseas (most mastercard or visa cards work) and there is enough money in your account to make the withdrawal!).

3. A final option is that you could bring the cash with you to Albania. You can use Euros to pay your IF fees, but you will need Albanian Lek for any private purchases in Pogradec – they don’t take Euros in the shops.

Airport Information: 

Please aim to arrive in Pogradec by 6pm on Saturday 30th October, and not to leave Pogradec before the morning of Friday 6th Nov.

The cost for travel from the airport to Pogradec varies with the airport:

the cheapest is Ohrid, Macedonia (E40 return) – allow about 90 minutes to travel from the airport to Pogradec.

then Tirana, Albania ( 2000 to 7000 ALL return depending on what kind of taxi you use) – allow about 3-4 hours to travel to Pogradec – try to arrive in Tirana by midday on Saturday 30th..

and finally Thessaloniki (E100 return) – allow about 4 hours to travel to Pogradec – try to arrive in Thessaloniki by midday on Sunday 27th.

Visa Information: 

The most urgent need is obtaining visas for entry into Albania. It is the responsibility of each member of F2F International Forum to organize their own visa. We encourage you to work with your support group. If you need further help, please let ILT know.

The text below is taken from the website:

“Visitors to Albania must obtain a visa from one of the Albanian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries or are qualified for visa-free entry.

All the other foreigners must be issued with a visa, before entering the Republic of Albania at the missions of the Republic of Albania that cover the country of residence. These missions can also provide them with the necessary information about Albania.”

The following links have helpful information about your visa requirements and  the location of the diplomatic mission that handles your country’s applications as well as the application fee.

Albanian Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs website – visa regimen page and PDF summary 

Albania Tourism.Info this is appears to be a non government site with lots of helpful information.

Our latest information is that only those amongst us with the following passports do not require a visa to enter Albania:

British, Greek, Polish and Australian. However, you MUST check for yourself to be sure.