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This course is a catalyst for personal transformation, enabling you to shift the culture wherever you go and transform the communities you’re a part of. When Kingdom Values shape the culture of a group or place, people flourish and mission becomes natural; whether you’re a youth worker or mentor, church leader, community member, parent or young person that’s what the course sets you up for. So, what are you waiting for? Join us this Spring for the journey of your life!


And Now for Paying Fees..

Using the paypal button below you can pay for one or two people’s fees at any point during the course (the sooner the better so we can pay for materials and the venue in a timely way!)

If you need to pay your fees in instalments, that’s also fine, please have a conversation with the SYC team and we will draw up a payment plan with you.

Foundations for Personal, Community and Cultural Transformation.
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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It..

This course is a catalyst for personal transformation, shifting culture wherever you go and transforming the communities where you exist. When Kingdom Values shape the culture of a group or place, people flourish and mission becomes natural; whether you’re a youth worker/mentor, church leader, community member, parent or young person that’s what the course sets you up for. Here’s what others have to say about it:

Dr. David Williams, Ph.D, President of Taylor College & Seminary, Canada. “Foundations offers students real life skills not only for personal transformation but also for community transformation. Anyone interested in making an impact for the Kingdom should seriously consider participating in the course.”

Chris, Reading: “A good guide on how to further your relationship with God. Eye opening.”

Hannah, Leyland: “It is a great wake-up call that challenges and encourages your thinking. I went away feeling really excited about life and what God has in store for me.”

Rev. Cesar Mendoza, London: “It is a practical and valuable course for every Christian with a serious commitment to growth toward spiritual maturity.”

Keith, Witham: “Amazing! Learned so much about myself… and how to use my Bible!”

Rev. Leon Collyer, Reading: “Transformational. You get to learn new things but also how to join them together and begin to live them out. A great balance of theory, prayer, and practice.”

Lynne, Aylesbury: “Helped re-fresh and redirect me after a difficult year.”

Bible College Lecturer: “I’ve been to many seminars in my life, and the training this week would be the best I’ve ever experienced.”

Vice-president of Taylor College and Seminary, Dr. Terry Fossen, Ph.D: “After more than 30 years of ministry through the church as well as the academy, it is both refreshing and challenging to re-discover that our Lord is not finished with me, yet. [As a Foundations trainer, I have become] excited, anew, about what is about to unfold in the lives of students and facilitator alike in [future] Foundations courses.”

How the Course is Delivered..

The course is delivered using a combination of talks, discussions and practical sessions, role plays and activities, all finally culminating in a community outreach event.

During the Covid19 Pandemic we are delivering the course via zoom which is working well!

There are often three streams: a youth stream, a ministry and leadership stream and a stream for the rest of us!

Foundations for Personal, Community and Cultural Transformation is for young and old, both new and seasoned Christians, as well as new and seasoned leaders. It’s for academics and practitioners, and for ANYONE wanting to deepen their understanding and experience of the Christian faith.

For many years Fusion International and Shift Youth + Community have used it to develop their own youth workers and leaders, to perpetuate a culture of discipleship and mission, to facilitate authentic fellowship, and to help establish people of all ages in their faith. The course can be delivered as a one week intensive or one weekend a month over four months.

If you are interested in hosting a course for your staff, church, church leadership or others you work with, please let us know.

What’s Covered on the Course..

The content of the course follows three themes Discipleship, Living as a Community of Believers, and Transformational Mission.

Discipleship – we are called to love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. We explore what this might look like in every day life, learning skills and developing awareness that will help us grow in our discipleship – how ever long we we have been on the journey for.

Living as a Community of Believers – it is by our love for one another that people will know that we are disciples of Jesus – We ask; what are the implications of this statement by Jesus’ and what does it look like to love others well?

Transformational Mission – we are called to seek first God’s Kingdom, to work and pray for the Shalom of the place where we are, and to love our neighbour as we love ourselves. We explore what our communities, nations and society might look like when we actively demonstrate God’s gracious rule and reign in our day to day lives, ministry and work. We look at strategies we can use to be intentional about all of this.

Another way of describing the content is using three streams – Living with God, Living with Others and Living with Yourself. All 35 units on the course fall into one or more of these streams (which can also be categorised as Applied Theology, Sociology for Life and Mission, and Psychology of Discipleship).