Leaving a Legacy to SYC

Thank you for considering leaving a legacy to the work of Shift Youth + Community.

Your Will is a chance to provide for the people and causes you care most about. By leaving a legacy to SYC in your Will you make it possible for us to work and plan with a long term view to see lives and communities transformed across our nation. We thank you in advance for helping to make our on going work secure.

Creating a Will raises some very personal questions about what matters most to you and who you can trust to uphold your wishes after you’re gone; the very question of leaving a lasting legacy is profound to us as human beings.

Leaving a gift in your Will will make a huge difference to the young people and communities we serve. But in case you are unsure, here are a few points worth remembering.

Family can still come first

You don’t have to choose between looking after your loved ones and protecting the young people and communities we serve. You can use your Will to do both – for instance by leaving a gift to SYC after friends and family have been taken care of. Every gift, no matter how big or small, has the power to make a real and lasting difference to everyone we serve.

Your Will, your wishes

Making a Will is easy to put off, but it’s the only way to be sure your wishes are carried out. Without one, you may leave your loved ones facing uncertainty. And of course, there’ll be no way to ensure your desire to help and support our communities.

Good financial sense

Leaving a gift to charity in your Will can reduce the amount your estate pays in Inheritance Tax, meaning you can make an even greater difference to your loved ones and vulnerable people.

Easing the pressure

Once you’ve made a Will, you and your loved ones can feel secure; and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your wishes will be carried out.

Types of gifts in Wills

There are three main types of gifts you can leave to SYC in your Will. We suggest you speak to your legal adviser to help you make the decision that’s right for you. Every gift makes a difference to a person’s life who we come into contact with and we want you to leave the right gift for your circumstances.

A residuary gift

This is where you set aside a portion of all your remaining estate after funeral expenses, debts and other gifts in the Will have been paid. Many people choose to leave this kind of gift because it helps make sure their loved ones are taken care of first.

A pecuniary gift

This is a gift of a specified sum of money. All gifts make a real difference to the people we care for, but it’s worth remembering that the eventual value of this type of gift is likely to be impacted by inflation.

A specific gift

This is a gift of a specific, named item. For example, it could be property, a piece of jewellery, a work of art or a car.

Suggested Wording:

Many people choose to leave an unrestricted or general gift. It’s the most helpful because it allows us to use your gift wherever the need is greatest in our work with communities and young people. You can leave an unrestricted gift, which can be either residuary or pecuniary, using the words below:

“I give the sum of £ (or specify percentage of estate) to Shift Youth + Community c/o Tyndale Baptist Church. 2-4 Cressingham Road Reading RG2 7JE. (registered charity number 1183910) for its general purposes and I declare that the receipt of the honorary treasurer or other proper officer of Shift Youth and community for the time being shall be a full and sufficient discharge for the said legacy.”

Thank you! Your gift will help us keep our promise to serve the people in our communities.

When you’ve had time to reflect and discuss your decision with those close to you, we’d love to know  your intentions as it will help us plan for the future and ensure we can give our teams on the ground the maximum resources to support our young people and their communities.

To let us know your intentions or to find out more information, you can contact us using the options below. 

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If you have any questions about leaving a legacy in your Will, please get in touch.