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Every little helps.

Your gift could cover an evening’s refreshments for a Dealing with Depression course. Or it could pay for a young person to attend a day trip where they’ll learn more about, and experience, the Christian faith in action.



We’ll use it well.

Your gift could pay for supplies for this month’s breakfast drop in and mentoring sessions at our local high school. Or it could pay for a new trainer to be developed for the Families Course.



We couldn’t do it without your generosity.

Your gift could cover one young person’s registration on to the Re:Start program. Or it could pay for a community member on low income to attend SYC’s National Conference.

Gift aid

Thank you for your generosity; if you are a UK Tax payer and would like to gift aid your donation, please complete the Gift Aid Declaration form provided below.

On the form you will also find different options for how to donate.


We’ve made it super easy for you to fundraise for us! 

Is there a challenge you have set yourself this year, a goal you’re determined to reach, or a record you want to break?

Why not garner that extra motivation and support by getting folk to sponsor you as you work towards it? By using our JustGiving page the proceeds go to support our vital work with young people and their communities.

Giving Anonymously

If you prefer to make your donations anonymously, you can do this through Stewardship Giving Services, Charity Aid Foundation, and now JustGiving. Follow the links to our page on their respective websites and you can proceed from there.

Supporting Our Staff

All our team are self supporting and on gift income. If you would like to support one of them directly you can do this through Stewardship Giving Services; simply follow the link and search for their Surname in the search box half way down the page.