Responding to Covid19

We’re busy shifting culture during this strange Covid season!

On this page you’ll find all sorts of resources and input. Whether you are a young person or parent looking for help to thrive during this time, or if you’re someone who just wants to make a difference and bring some hope during this time, there’s something for you.

This Year’s Big Funday

The South Reading Churches Funday went ahead with a seasonal Covid twist.

Special Pages and Posts

We put these together to inspire and resource you during this time!

Love Your Street Resource Page

Love Your Street Resource Page

for anyone wanting to connect with the neighbours

Visit our Love Your Street Page to be inspired and equipped to safely connect with your neighbours in different ways.


Youth Survival Kit

Youth Survival Kit

For any young person - (especially those in South Reading!)

We put this page together with the young people of South Reading in mind, but its for any young person from any community, looking for help and inspiration for how to thrive during the Covid season. Check out the page here.
The Love Your Street Campaign post

The Love Your Street Campaign post

The story of the love your street campaign

We share the story of the Love Your Street Campaign. Its been in the pipeline ever since we completed our research report in February 2015, but Covid came and we couldn’t wait any longer! Read the story here.

Special Webinars and Videos

Family Life In Lockdown Ep. 1 (part 1)

In the first episode of Family Life in Lockdown, our panel introduce themselves, sharing some of their struggles and joys during lockdown.

Family Life In Lockdown Ep. 1 (part 2)

In part 2 of our first Family life in Lockdown episode, we hear from Kath our facilitator and also respond to a couple of our listeners.

Young People Thriving in Lockdown

Reneta and Claire discuss with a panel of 4 young ladies – year 10 and 11 – about life for them in lockdown. They share their joys and challenges as well as tactics for coping with the difficult things during this time.

Love Your Street - staying connected to your neighbours during Covid19

Our panel shares their experiences and ideas for combatting social isolation whilst maintaining physical distances and self isolation during Covid19.