SYC Coaching + Bespoke Training

We help leaders and their teams deepen and expand their insight, awareness and skill for innovative, strategic action and vibrant relationships so that their legacy is one of empowered, thriving individuals and flourishing communities and organisations.

For all leaders and their teams; especially those in community facing contexts. (eg: Schools, Churches, Service Providers, Charities, Councils)

Can you relate?


Are you at a loss to know how to spark the innovation and creativity needed for your team or organisation to respond to your changed and changing context? Or maybe you’re simply worn out trying to lead a disaffected team with unhelpful dynamics and reduced effectiveness?


Perhaps you already have some great programs going but your beneficiaries are still ‘stuck’ and not progressing to next steps?


Or is the loneliness of leadership weighing on you? Perhaps you’re feeling the limits and staleness of your approaches for dealing with complex problem solving and ‘people problems’?

What if…


Your team was functioning at its best, generating and implementing innovative, strategic responses to meet the real needs you exist to address?


The lives of the people you serve were genuinely improved in lasting, sustainable ways as a result of your work or ministry?


You were able to openly work through your leadership concerns and dilemmas to resolution; in a safe, confidential and professional context?

We would love to work with you so that you too can experience this level of change. To get started why don’t you sign up for our free Silver Package with its podcasts and other resources as well as a 60 minute development consult in which we can discuss your and your team’s support and training needs?

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Meet Our Training Team

Hi! We would love to help you step back, take stock and move your already great leadership skills and fabulous team to the next level.

If you know that this new season requires a fresh approach and renewed strength and encouragement for you and your team then why not take a look around the SYC Coaching and Bespoke Training side of our work?

Make use of the free resources we have created for you in the Silver Package (including a free development consult) or go ahead and book a single coaching session with Claire and a training session for your team with both of us, in our Gold Combo Package for just £75…

So far we’ve had the joy of working with leaders or teams in Secondary Schools, Hospitals, Higher Education Providers, Churches and Charities in the UK and abroad.

Whatever you do, we encourage you to get started on your journey towards leaving a legacy of empowered thriving individuals and flourishing communities.

Dr Claire Bankole and Rev Anika Parker

What we offer


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Our Free Silver Package comes with a 60 minute development consult and some great resources to encourage you as a leader.


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Platinum Coaching

Our Platinum Coaching Package is based around a set of up to eight 90 minute, one 2 one coaching sessions. It includes resources that you can access in your own time that will support you throughout each stage of your coaching journey.


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Gold Combo 

Our Gold Combo Package comes with  a one 2 one Coaching session with Claire, our executive coach, a bespoke training session with up to 8 people you lead or work with, AND lifetime access to some more great resources for you and your team to continue growing.

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Platinum series


As part of our Bespoke Training offer, we can create and deliver a tailor made multi session course for your team. Over the last year we have led the leaders training forum for a local church, running a double session one evening each month. We designed the course having spent time with the Senior Pastor clarifying the outcomes he was after.




Platinum Residential


As part of our Bespoke Training offer, we can create and deliver a tailor made residential intensive. We recently delivered a 7 day program that consisted of sessions and tutorials; with additional informal conversations as well as scheduled one 2 one sessions with participants. We involved our client throughout the design process to ensure that what we were addressing the needs of their team.




Platinum Weekend


As part of our Bespoke Training offer, we can create and deliver a tailor made weekend course. This format can include up to 7 formal sessions depending on your schedule and preferred format. A residential format naturally increases the scope for additional informal engagement with our training facilitators.



SYC Coaching and Bespoke Training is a social enterprise; all the income generated is ploughed directly back into SYC’s Youth and Community work. We love that by serving you through coaching and training, we also get to ensure our Youth and Community ministry can continue.

Happy Clients


[From this training] I gained spiritual energy and a deep reminder of the faithfulness of God–that His work is not dependent on us and He is in charge of transformation. I gained the opportunity to learn alongside the people I work with, developing a community that now has shared language and a more united mission.  I gained many opportunities to connect deeply with the Holy Spirit and anytime that space is created, it’s a humbling gift.

Humanitarian Charity Worker

 Claire has provided a much needed sounding board, encouragement and challenge at a time when I have felt quite isolated.  I trust her because of her own leadership background and this gives me confidence in our times together. I would recommend her highly to anyone who is willing to put in the effort to improve their own performance.

Anglican Vicar

We have had the privilege and benefit of receiving training from Claire both as a small staff team group, and in a wider leadership forum context. These times have provided enriching opportunities for gaining knowledge, for working with dynamic techniques that lead to increased personal self awareness, and for nurturing a reflective and thoughtful approach, both individually, and within interpersonal relationships. 

Senior Church Pastors 

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