About us

We are a Christian new monastic and missional movement.

We base ourselves in local communities and work with churches, schools and other agencies to provide the best opportunities for young people and communities to find their purpose and their voice.

We believe changing lives by transforming culture is possible – and we want to show you how.

About us


Why Are We Here?

We have learnt how to shift culture so lives are transformed – we’re excited to show you how.


Who Are We?

We are a group of friends across the country who want to see a cultural shift in our local communities and across our nation.


What makes us unique?

As a movement we are new monastic and missional. We focus our mission on both young people and the communities in which they exist. Together we hold in tension our concern for our local communities as well as the nation.


What Do We Do?

We base ourselves in local communities and work with churches, schools and other agencies  to shift culture and provide the best opportunities for young people and communities to flourish. Grounded in local mission this way, we are able to support others across our region and the country as they work to see their young people and communities flourishing too.

About us

Our values


There is Always Hope

God is good, all powerful and He is making all things new.


Everyone is Precious

We are all uniquely created in God’s image, so each one is actively valued.


We all have a purpose

Every family, community and nation and individual has a God given purpose; we want to assist in the discovery of this.


Healthy Community

We are all at our best in an atmosphere where Justice, Mercy and Compassion, Understanding, Kindness and Safety are the norm.  


Genuine Hospitality

Everyone is welcome and has a place; we seek to practice hospitality and welcome those who are different to us.


Authentic Community bringing Radical Change

We want to get even better at being and building community. As part of attaining this, together we pray, read God’s word, worship, work, and do life.

Join the movement

There are many ways of joining the SYC movement and helping to shift culture in our communities and nation.

About us

Centres in the UK


We moved to Whitley, Reading in 2014, and it is our national HQ as well as a local centre. The work includes schools’ work, working particularly with students at risk of exclusion through our Re:Start program. We are also working closely with the local churches to implement a combined youth and families strategy for Whitley, as well as training and equipping the local community to bring a shift in culture.


Andy Prosser has been leading the work in Lancashire since 2007. The work is focused around two communities: Leyland and St Matthew’s estate in East Preston. There are currently talk ‘n’ tucker groups running in both locations.

In Leyland there is a charity shop which exists to meet local needs and build a sense of community as well as to support the youth and community work that takes place in the area. Over the past few years Andy has also been developing a social enterprise to develop income support and training opportunities.


Wheatley in Oxfordshire is where SYC (then known as Fusion) first arrived in the UK in 2003.
In 2014 the local team of about 30 volunteers and a handful of team members became an Associate Centre.

The work there includes an annual St George’s day community festival as well as an Advent Pageant and Harvest Festival most years. There is a weekly kids’ club during term time and an annual holiday club which is booked out within 2 hours of registrations opening each year. Youth work includes a youth club, discipleship group and involvement in the community events and the summer holiday club as peer leaders.


Our Associate centre in Witham is an expansion of the work of 2nd Witham Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association. Jason is leading a team of volunteers and developing an integrated strategy for community mission and reaching the young people in the area, providing opportunities for commitment to Christ and bringing them into the life of the local church.

The work focuses around 3 areas: Youth and Community, Christian Youth Outreach and Witham BB.

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For more information about our local centres or joining the team please contact us.