Shift Youth + Community

We’re shifting culture at the heart of community


We do a lot of work in schools as well as running youth clubs and events in the communities in which we live.


We live and fully participate in the community and aim to shift culture at its heart.

Get involved

There’s always space in our family whether it be for an internship or placement, or to just get involved.

“I have worked with Shift [Youth + Community] for the past 15 years and it has been a blast. They are great people who have taught me so much and without their help we would not have seen the community transformation we have experienced here in South Reading. They have a servant hearted approach that focuses on people and the community and yet they are very strategic and thought through. God has given them a special part to play.”

Rev Vernon Orr


Join the movement

You can be part of  the SYC movement in lots of different ways, find the level right for you and your team.


Every penny goes towards creating communities that we all would want to thrive in.